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The reason why thousands of our customers choose Teri’s nail dust collectors
The harm of dust has been scientifically proven
During manicures and pedicures, microscopic particles of nails and polish are released into the air. When working without a nail dust collector, dust covers clothes and the work area, and it can even enter workers’ airways.
Compact and simple to use
Teri nail dust collectors were developed in conjunction with the s manicure. Their compact size and enormous power make them an excellent choice for manicurists who want to create a safe environment for their clients and guests.
For beginners and professionals

Our consultants will help you choose a dust collector model based on your line of work and your specific needs. Read more about the other’s experiences using our dust collectors in the testimonials section.

100% filtration with HEPA filters
Our HEPA filter is mounted in front of the fan, which prevents dust from being blown out when the filter is clogged. Our HEPA filter can be used as an alternative to nail dust collectors with bags. Additionally, our devices are easy to clean and retain 100% of dust.

Feedback from customers

Thank you so much for the fantastic dust collectors! It really is an irreplaceable thing – I equipped a second salon with them.
“It’s better to try it once than to hear it a hundred times!” is appropriate here. All my manicurists are excited – no dust around and the air stays clean.


Beauty salon administrator

I was comparing your dust collectors to the brands Ulka and Shemax. The first one is cheap junk, the second is generally dangerous to health because of the sharp corners. I chose Teri and I have no regrets about it! Very nicely made, pulls really cool! No dust on the table!!!


Nail technician

Hello! The dust collector was already installed yesterday! Today I worked with it, and for the first time, I got out of my workplace clean. Usually, my clothes and the whole table were dusty all the time. Vacuum cleaner and really cool, in reviews I read, though they exaggerate. But not at all, it’s a good purchase.


Nail technician

Thank you so much for the Teri Turbo M nail dust collector! I am obsessed with this device, the work table remains clean all day!!!!


Nail technician

I has tired of dust in the workplace, dreaming when the package came. And I finally got my package! After unpacking, I’ve already worked with it twice. It’s unbelievable! I did not expect such a powerful result, she exceeded my expectations!


Nail technician

I’m very happy with the teri dust collector I haven’t spared a day choosing this model, really no dust, it’s just a super manicure dust remover, I recommend it.


Nail technician

We have purchased your dust collectors for our salon and are very grateful to you. This is the fastest and most successful cooperation. Thank you for wholesale prices and detailed consultation! We were pleased to find a little bonus gift inside.


Beauty Salon Manager

Bought a new Turbo M model

It’ s pretty good. Even at minimum revs, it’s doing her job. And at maximum, I think she’s pulling dust from everywhere.


Salon owner