Warranty and Service


Owners of Teri nail dust collectors receive the best possible service.
All of our dust collectors are covered by a 24-month warranty from the date of sale.
The date of sale is recorded on the warranty card and in a database of our devices, which makes getting a warranty and service possible even in case the warranty card is lost.
The serial number and model of the device are marked on the warranty card and on the nail dust collector.
Service during the warranty period includes the replacement of the out-of-service device.
To replace the dust collector, please contact us by e-mail or fill out the form below.

The replacement procedure is as follows:
1) Customer informs us about the problem by e-mail or via the form on the website.
2) If the problem cannot be solved remotely, the customer sends us the device (the service manager will provide shipping information).
3) After receiving the device, the service technician checks it, and we send a new one back the same or next day.

If the warranty period is expired, we will repair the dust collector in our service center without replacing the unit. Non-warranty repairs, as well as shipping costs, are paid by the customer.

The warranty is void if the device has been used improperly.

Your warranty may be void under any of the following circumstances:
1. If any liquid has entered inside the device;
2. If there is physical damage to the device, such as foreign objects entering the fan blades or the electronic control unit;
3. If excessive blockage has formed due to failure to properly clean and change the filter, which can lead to blockage or overheating of the fan;
4. If the excess of permissible power supply parameters (220V – 240V);
5. If there has been interference by unauthorized persons in the construction or electrical scheme of the device.

In the event of any signs of incorrect exploitation, the service center reserves the right to repair the appliance for the price agreed with the buyer.

Do not obstruct the air outlet from the dust collector, Otherwise, its power will drop and the dust will not be sucked in.

All questions regarding the installation, exploitation, and repair of our hoods can be asked by e-mail or on the website via the feedback form below.

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