Built-In Dust Collectors

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Built-in nail dust collectors filter out the dust generated during the processing of nail plates so that the air in the room remains clean and safe for nail technicians and their customers.

Review of Teri’s built-in manicure hoods.

Models vary in power and noise levels.

Advantages of Teri’s built-in nail dust collectors.

Teri dust collectors use highly efficient HEPA filters. A normal bagged extractor hood starts to blow out the dust when it is clogged, the dust gets in and eventually breaks the device. But, that doesn’t happen with Teri! The features of the construction make it durable, and the air in the room remains 100% dust-free.

The shatterproof ABS plastic case protects the wires and other electronic “stuffing”. The small size of the device and a variety of mesh design options make it possible to successfully fit into any interior.

Now that you see the difference, it’s easier to make a choice and buy a built-in manicure vacuum cleaner that suits you. Place your order today! Our managers will help you choose the optimal model and equipment for you.