Portable Dust Collectors

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The reasons why you need portable nail dust collectors for a manicure

During the removal of nail polish and processing of nails, dust is generated that, if released into the air, is dangerous for people and equipment. The portable hood filters suck it out quickly.

Features of the Teri manicure dust collectors

The portable manicure dust collector has a reliable case made of ABS plastic, anodized aluminum, and stainless steel. All the electronic “stuffing” is safely hidden inside.

Portable nail dust collectors for the manicure – simple, intuitive devices. Place it in, switch it on, and perform all operations directly above the mesh – this guarantees a clean workplace throughout the day.

The advantages of Teri for your business

The portable nail dust collector is compact, easy to move, convenient for the manicurist, and no installation is required. Just place and use!

Everyone who cares about the air purity, health of manicurists and clients, and equipment safety needs to buy a portable dust collector. HEPA type air filters eliminate dust. The Teri nail dust collector is designed so that the dust is not blown out but stays inside, even when the filter is clogged. This ensures that the device lasts longer!

Place your order now and get your own professional nail dust collector!